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It’s Time to Say Goodbye to That Unwanted Hot Tub

You once loved that hot tub. Oh how you’d come home from a hard day at work and sink into its warm, watery abyss. The jets of molten water shooting into your aching muscles made you feel more alive than any drug or tonic ever could. But you knew it couldn’t last— nothing good ever does.


Maybe the pipes started to break or maybe you found a dead squirrel floating face up in the murky, lukewarm water one morning. Either way, the hot tub you once fell in love with is no more, and all that remains of it is a grotesque hull of fiber glass and metal. And you need it gone, preferably destroyed. You’d do it yourself, but you’re not sure if you’re capable of such a deed. So you call an expert. You call Mike’s Hauling Service.


Before you know it, two men and a truck are tearing apart your wretched hot tub and removing it piece by piece. It’s difficult at first to watch them destroy it, but by the time they're sweeping up the last remaining fragments, you can’t help but feel free. It’s over. Your hot tub is gone.

How we make getting rid of your hot tub stress free

We dismantle and remove your hot tub from anywhere on your property

We responsibly dispose of your hot tub — including recycling all metal

We sweep and clean up when we’re done

We tell you exactly how much it will cost before we begin — that means no hourly rates, no dump fees, no surprises

"Austin and Dylan were champs at breaking up and removing my old hot tub. They showed up on time, were friendly, and took care not to damage my patio in the removal process. No complaints. I'd definitely use them again!"

Brendan M.

Bethesda, MD

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eel free. It’s over. Your hot tub is gone.